Thanksgiving is for jerks (and Ronald Reagan):

Happy Cranksgiving from New Jersey!

Photos are as follows: 

1. A squirrel place card with my name on it
2. Sweet potato bourbon soup topped with bacon and chives
3. Apple and sausage stuffing
4. Delicious lemony brussel sprouts
5. Cheesy cauliflower casserole topped with panko
6. Cranberry sauce
7. The turkey
8. My delectable plate of food, paired with sparkling pink lemonade
9. Chocolate buttermilk pie topped with meringue
10. Pumpkin cheesecake topped with pecan bourbon caramel sauce

Are you crying yet?

Also, can I just say, my dad is the greatest? Clearly, I take after his cooking abilities, but I would never be able to pull off a meal as fantastic as this.

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